Respite Care At Home For Families in Loganville, GA

Could you use respite care at home for your senior?

For many adult children the idea of caring for their parents in their senior years was never even a question. Caring for your loved one has many benefits including the ability to spend these special years with them. For many adult children, this is a labor of love. Despite the love that goes into your care, you may have also found that caring for your loved one is exhausting both emotionally and physically. This feeling has nothing to do with your devotion to caring for your loved one, but rather comes from trying to spread yourself too thin. Comfort Keepers offers respite care at home for families in Loganville, GA to help you manage your life and be a more effective caregiver.

What Are Respite Services?

Known in some countries as “short break” care, respite services provide planned short-term breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers who need time outside the home or to simply take a rest. Respite care helps support and maintain the primary caregiving relationship.

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How Respite Care At Home Benefits You and Your Loved One

For many family caregivers the idea of bringing in a “stranger” to care for your loved one brings a lot of guilt. In many cases, caregivers do not even discuss the idea with their loved one or the other family members let alone let them know that you could use a break now and then. You may find that if you talk to your loved one and family you will find that they are fully in support of you taking time to take care of yourself.

The truth is, getting respite care at home for your loved one is as much for their benefit as it is yours. As you work closely with your loved one it is a good bet that they can see the wear and tear their health has had on you. This will leave them feeling worried and guilty that you might not be getting enough rest and relaxation. In addition to that, as you become more and more burned out, you may no longer be able to provide your loved ones with the quality of care you want them to have.

A Win/Win Situation

Getting respite care at home for Comfort Keepers in Loganville will provide your loved one with the same high-quality care you have been giving them, while it offers you the opportunity to take a break and catch your breath. You may even find that your loved one enjoys having one of our loving, dedicated caregivers come to sit with them a few hours a week. Before you decide, feel free to contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call at 678-940-0221 to learn more and schedule a free in-home consultation. Our expert advisors will come out to chat with you and your loved one to see if our senior care is right for you. 


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